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Piet Roos
English / 2e druk / 2015 / / 126 p.




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“Incoterminology 2010: Manual for the Practical Use of Incoterms” by Piet Roos, offers descriptions and recommendations for pre-defined commercial terms widely used in international commercial transactions, such as Ex Works (EXW) and Free on Board (FOB).

According to Roos, a 25-year veteran of international commerce, global transactions require clear agreements regarding risks, rights and obligations between a buyer and a seller. With this in mind, Roos offers his guide of the necessary terms to clearly define transaction costs and responsibilities. In addition to definitions and explanations of key terms, Roos offers detailed case histories of international transactions, depicting good and bad outcomes that resulted from the language applied during the deal.

“The aim of this book is to help readers make the right choices in coming to an agreement, how goods will be delivered, and what obligations belong to each party,” Roos says. “It is intended to reduce or remove uncertainties arising from different interpretations of such terms in different countries.”

First codified in a 1936 publication, “Incoterms” have been periodically updated ever since and are widely accepted by governments, legal authorities and practitioners worldwide for the interpretation of the most commonly used terms in international trade. Intended for exporters, importers, logistics service providers, and more, the book aims to reduce confusion and promote the transfer of goods and services across national and linguistic boundaries.
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